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Fully booked for 2015..


Wow, well just when you think you can stop and take a breather… The phones ring off the hook… 2015 is going to be a busy year for all of us at Vintage. We are fully booked for weddings for the year. If you are looking for our help you can still contact us. At this point we are starting a waiting list, as you never know what may happen. Our props are still available to rent, that is if they are not booked for a wedding. If you need Visual Help at your event we do still have some dates available to come and advise.
We wish all the brides and grooms of 2015 the Very Best of Everything in Life… I hope your wedding goes off amazingly well.
Belinda and our Amazing team here at Vintage Emporium Rentals….

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Wedding event


As we were busy in Italy, meeting new people and organizing things we got talking to a lady who was in the middle of organizing a wedding event at a local 5* hotel in Naples. She asked if we would help her in the set up of the event and help with the running of the bridal show….. Well as if we could resist.. What fun it was. I haven’t set up a bridal catwalk for the longest time. What fun it was picking out the dresses and helping with the design of the bridal bouquets. Setting up the vignettes around the area and the general running of the show…. Keep an eye out for more up dates on our work here in Italy.

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Busy time in Italy coming up


As you all know our team is off to Italy very soon. We originally were going to help with one wedding, now however we have a wedding rehearsal, a wedding and a proposal… Yes a proposal. A friend of our client has asked if we will set up everything for his future son in law to propose to his daughter. Apparently the daughter over the years has mentioned lots of things she would like around her when Mr Right comes along and proposes. So her father who thinks, she thinks, he will not remember, wants them all in one area so when the proposal comes she will be delighted. Yesterday I got the list and boy is it long… I have no idea where I’m going to find most of it in a country I don’t speak the language. Never mind that’s what our team and I are good at… Making things happen.. Watch this space for more updates….

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Sorry our team are booked every weekend from January to the end of February and the whole month of September. Those months are fully booked. We are also booked through out the spring and Summer but some dates are still available. Contact our team for more information.

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Is it rude to ask for money instead of gifts?


MONEY ? Can we put it on the list?
Years ago brides didn’t even do a list. When I got married I remember getting lots of towels and sheet sets. So many that I’m still using a lot of them because they were never used for years. But now a days many brides write and guests request a list. However the list doesn’t always have to be household products, wedding lists are changing fast – and you can make yours as fun as you like.

Q. Will our friends mind if we ask for money rather than sending out a wedding list?
A. The good news is guests don’t mind at all.
Research from the (FSCS) Financial Services Compensation Scheme says that around six out of ten people who had been invited to a wedding in the past five years are more than happy to contribute to the cost if the honeymoon or the newlyweds home rather then buying something from the list.
After all many couples live together before the big day and don’t need as many domestic items as they may of in the past.

Q. What other ideas are “OK” to ask for?
A. Some trend watchers say “experiences” are becoming increasingly popular. You could ask people to contribute to, a hot air ballon ride, a meal at a top restaurant, or perhaps a massage or beauty treatment at a local spa. You could also put travel related items on the list if your heading on honeymoon. For example many hotels have a concierge and guests could pay ahead for a bottle of wine, bubbly or chocolates to be sent to the room. If there is day trips offered they could contribute to a day of diving or snorkeling, 4 wheeling, or a site seeing trip, all of which could be expensive but if a few couples contributed it would be more affordable.

For the couples who really do have everything consider Charitable gifts, these are becoming increasingly common.

After considering all of the above maybe the very best list would be no list and make it a true pick and mix affair. Let the guest choose. After all how bad can two dozen towels or eight bed sets be?

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Right or Wrong?


I have been working with a lot of brides lately who seem to becoming up with the same questions. Shouldn’t I have xyzzy…. Or don’t I have to have xyzzy… Moral being there is no such thing as “you have to have” at your wedding other than the obvious. Who said you have to have flowers on all the tables? Why do you have to have a champagne toast? Do you have to have a sweetheart table or even a top table. The answer is NO…. The wedding is YOUR wedding, not your mothers or your future spouses mothers wedding it’s YOURS. Whenever I’m working with a brides directly and they come to me with all the demands that have been requested we sit down and go through them one by one. Sometimes there not as bad as they seem. My suggestion is usually sit, take a deep breath and think about the idea. Look at the negatives of it first, write them down then turn the paper over and write the positives. Then make the decision. When there is a planner involved they usually handle it and I must say most planners are very good at this, this is why they do such a good job.
Moral of the story, Think outside of the box when you are in the planning stages. Think of what you would really like not what you think you should have or what other people have had. This is your wedding and your day to enjoy. Start and enjoy it from the engagement on and enjoy the ride as it will be over too soon.

Belinda Tucker Adamson.

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2 Weddings in 2 Weeks in 2 Country’s…


Finally I have time to catch up. As you may know I have been busy working in a near impossible mission. 2 weddings within a week of each other sounds easy but try doing them in different country’s.
I had a wedding which I was also the coordinator for here in the USA. It was a perfect day in a stunning Amish Barn, one i have exclusive access too, just incase your looking for a venue…..I was working with my favorite chef, photographer, florist (who was flown in from the UK especially for this event) musicians and DJ. I can’t wait to show you the pictures. I must say, working Susan the photographer and Pamela the florist they are the best I have ever worked with. The pictures are quite stunning and the flowers were simply beautiful. The barn took 3 weeks of work to get it to where we wanted it. It was well worth the extra time. The weather couldn’t of been better. The chef was in total control, I love working with John. As the guests arrived the band started playing for cocktail hour and the Hor d’oeuvres were served the guests began to arrive. More to come…….
The following Saturday I had a wedding in England so I had to leave pretty early on Sunday for my flight into London.
First stop the Village church to check on everything. Meet with the Vicar, organist and the bell ringers. Next to the hall to check on the reception. Now onto check the accommodations at the hotel and Bed and Breakfast for the guests arriving from out of town… So much to do so little time to do it. I am so pleased everyone in the UK worked so well with me via email and FaceTime. As I had to be here in the USA to work on the barn it didn’t give me much time to work in the UK. (I did however have a trip in March to organize things) More to come…. Watch this space….

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Q. I am finding flowers are more expensive than I thought. Any ideas on how to cut back on them as I only want them for a few hours at the reception.
A. Well you don’t have to use a lot of fresh flowers. It really depends on your theme but why not try using lots of twigs, you can collect them in and around the area you live. Depending on how crafty you are you could paint them in your wedding colors or cover them with some crystals to add a sparkle. If you want fresh flowers try asking around your friends as a lot of them have flowers in the garden I’m sure they would mind cutting some. Imagine some nice roses or hydrangeas freshly cut and placed around your event. You don’t have to cut the florist out all together just add to what your budget can afford.
After wards why not donate to a local retirement home.

Q. How many bridesmaids do I have to have and should they pay for their own dress and shoes?
A. There is no set amount of bridesmaids you have to have. That’s up to you. As far as who pays for what that’s also up to you as well. I think if you are expecting the girls to pay you should try really hard to keep your suggestions under control. Not everyone has an unlimited budget and too many times I have seen friends fall out over this situation. Again, take it slow, talk it through and enjoy the ride with your friends, it’s a great way to bond and solidify your friendship.

Q. Do you hire bunting.
A. This is an easy one, yes. Some of our bunting is hand made in French toile by Madam Antoinette. If you read the info on our page about the toile you will see how we met. We also have some UK style bunting.

Q. Does Vintage Emporium do home staging? I am a realtor and often need someone to stage.
A. Yes we do. We can use our props or the home owners.

Q. What about corporate events. We would like someone to come and talk to realtors about staging. Would one of your team be able to offer this as a service.

A. We can, if however we are not working on a wedding as weddings have our priority. Also only Belinda would be available for this type of event so you would have to check with her schedule.

Q. Do you work with Wedding planners or only directly with the bride?
A. At Vintage we work with either. We are not wedding planners however. They do such a great job and it can be such a stressful job that we leave it all up to them. We work along side the planner and the florist. They usually have us meet with the bride to talk over exactly what the bride is looking for, it also gives us a good feel of the whole event. We then coordinate with the planner. Our staff can work directly with the bride if there is no planner however.

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New Arrivals from Paris!



As you can see we are getting some of the pictures up on the site. We also have a “To hire” And ” To Buy” price. We did this as many people want to keep certain pieces as a memento of the day.
Contact us if you have any questions. Our colorful Cockerel and his beautiful Hen arrived from France today. (Not real ones) but absolutely lovely to set around one of your vignettes. Hopefully we will get their photos up loaded soon… Watch this space… Also we have to name them. So watch out for the photos and send us your name suggestions. It’s always fun to name an object especially something as lovely as these.

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Returning from England



I’m so happy to be photographing the new pieces I brought back from my recent trip to England. We meet a lovely lady who was selling all the pieces she had inherited from her Grandmothers house. What a collection of pitchers she had. Check out pale blue pitcher on our site named “Charlatte” It is a Royal Crowford piece. Apparently “Grandma” used to keep wooden spoons in it… What a lovely story…

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