Vintage Emporium Rentals

My Bio.

Hi I’m Belinda. Originally from England yet I have been living in the USA on and off for over 20 years. My clients are nearly all through word of mouth. Vintage Emporium Rentals started by helping a friend out at her wedding. Then a friend of a friend asked me if I could help. Before I knew it I was helping people find specific vintage items and helping them display them at weddings/showers/birthdays or any other event they needed help with. My work now often takes me to England and Europe. I am in England working at least four times a year and this year I had the pleasure of working for a month in France for some clients. I am scheduled to be working in Italy for a month in January 2014.
Most of my background is in visual display. First as District Manager for a large fashion group in England then in NewYork City as Visual Director for a company of “Pop Up Shops” that sprung up in various places in the city.

In amongst all of this I also started a remodeling company that now has been in business for over 20 years. The building this company is now located in was a derelict church. It was about to be torn down when we purchased the building. I supervised a full remodel of the building and designed the showroom area which has won accolades from other distributors and manufactures in the area.

Wherever I am I keep a look out for unusual items that most people wouldn’t know what to do with. I believe old things don’t all need to be tossed away. With a bit of paint and TLC most items come back to life and I just love that.
One of the criteria’s when purchasing our treasures for Vintage Emporium is that we fall in love with them. Sometimes we fall in love with them twice, once when we purchase it and the second when we refurbish it. One thing for sure all our pieces are loved.
Our china is never new and distressed. We always use vintage pieces. Sometimes our cake stands are made with matching pieces, sometimes it’s odd pieces that match.

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