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Is it rude to ask for money instead of gifts?


MONEY ? Can we put it on the list?
Years ago brides didn’t even do a list. When I got married I remember getting lots of towels and sheet sets. So many that I’m still using a lot of them because they were never used for years. But now a days many brides write and guests request a list. However the list doesn’t always have to be household products, wedding lists are changing fast – and you can make yours as fun as you like.

Q. Will our friends mind if we ask for money rather than sending out a wedding list?
A. The good news is guests don’t mind at all.
Research from the (FSCS) Financial Services Compensation Scheme says that around six out of ten people who had been invited to a wedding in the past five years are more than happy to contribute to the cost if the honeymoon or the newlyweds home rather then buying something from the list.
After all many couples live together before the big day and don’t need as many domestic items as they may of in the past.

Q. What other ideas are “OK” to ask for?
A. Some trend watchers say “experiences” are becoming increasingly popular. You could ask people to contribute to, a hot air ballon ride, a meal at a top restaurant, or perhaps a massage or beauty treatment at a local spa. You could also put travel related items on the list if your heading on honeymoon. For example many hotels have a concierge and guests could pay ahead for a bottle of wine, bubbly or chocolates to be sent to the room. If there is day trips offered they could contribute to a day of diving or snorkeling, 4 wheeling, or a site seeing trip, all of which could be expensive but if a few couples contributed it would be more affordable.

For the couples who really do have everything consider Charitable gifts, these are becoming increasingly common.

After considering all of the above maybe the very best list would be no list and make it a true pick and mix affair. Let the guest choose. After all how bad can two dozen towels or eight bed sets be?

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