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Q. I am finding flowers are more expensive than I thought. Any ideas on how to cut back on them as I only want them for a few hours at the reception.
A. Well you don’t have to use a lot of fresh flowers. It really depends on your theme but why not try using lots of twigs, you can collect them in and around the area you live. Depending on how crafty you are you could paint them in your wedding colors or cover them with some crystals to add a sparkle. If you want fresh flowers try asking around your friends as a lot of them have flowers in the garden I’m sure they would mind cutting some. Imagine some nice roses or hydrangeas freshly cut and placed around your event. You don’t have to cut the florist out all together just add to what your budget can afford.
After wards why not donate to a local retirement home.

Q. How many bridesmaids do I have to have and should they pay for their own dress and shoes?
A. There is no set amount of bridesmaids you have to have. That’s up to you. As far as who pays for what that’s also up to you as well. I think if you are expecting the girls to pay you should try really hard to keep your suggestions under control. Not everyone has an unlimited budget and too many times I have seen friends fall out over this situation. Again, take it slow, talk it through and enjoy the ride with your friends, it’s a great way to bond and solidify your friendship.

Q. Do you hire bunting.
A. This is an easy one, yes. Some of our bunting is hand made in French toile by Madam Antoinette. If you read the info on our page about the toile you will see how we met. We also have some UK style bunting.

Q. Does Vintage Emporium do home staging? I am a realtor and often need someone to stage.
A. Yes we do. We can use our props or the home owners.

Q. What about corporate events. We would like someone to come and talk to realtors about staging. Would one of your team be able to offer this as a service.

A. We can, if however we are not working on a wedding as weddings have our priority. Also only Belinda would be available for this type of event so you would have to check with her schedule.

Q. Do you work with Wedding planners or only directly with the bride?
A. At Vintage we work with either. We are not wedding planners however. They do such a great job and it can be such a stressful job that we leave it all up to them. We work along side the planner and the florist. They usually have us meet with the bride to talk over exactly what the bride is looking for, it also gives us a good feel of the whole event. We then coordinate with the planner. Our staff can work directly with the bride if there is no planner however.

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