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Right or Wrong?


I have been working with a lot of brides lately who seem to becoming up with the same questions. Shouldn’t I have xyzzy…. Or don’t I have to have xyzzy… Moral being there is no such thing as “you have to have” at your wedding other than the obvious. Who said you have to have flowers on all the tables? Why do you have to have a champagne toast? Do you have to have a sweetheart table or even a top table. The answer is NO…. The wedding is YOUR wedding, not your mothers or your future spouses mothers wedding it’s YOURS. Whenever I’m working with a brides directly and they come to me with all the demands that have been requested we sit down and go through them one by one. Sometimes there not as bad as they seem. My suggestion is usually sit, take a deep breath and think about the idea. Look at the negatives of it first, write them down then turn the paper over and write the positives. Then make the decision. When there is a planner involved they usually handle it and I must say most planners are very good at this, this is why they do such a good job.
Moral of the story, Think outside of the box when you are in the planning stages. Think of what you would really like not what you think you should have or what other people have had. This is your wedding and your day to enjoy. Start and enjoy it from the engagement on and enjoy the ride as it will be over too soon.

Belinda Tucker Adamson.

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