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Team Tips


1) Lavender Wedding Color Palette. Not everyone can have a seating area like this at their wedding.
2) Lots of ideas to use these small barrels. Use as in the application above, use for flowers, use as an umbrella stand at the entrance.. Lots of ideas. At Vintage Emporium we have lots of these and our brides love using them and mixing them with the larger barrels.
3) Another DIY tip from our team here at Vintage Emporium Rentals….Flea Market Candle Pillars made from Old Lamps.. How cool. Don’t pass up on those odd shaped old lamps you see. Take them apart paint them and add a candle.. Now you have a lovely vignette of candles, different height, different shape and so unique. A wonderful cluster of candles, you can’t beat that.


1) “Love”ly cupcakes.. How pretty to use at a red and white wedding. Or make the white icing sparkle and use at a Winter wedding.
2) Lavender Wreath. Not only beautiful but a wonderful aroma. Lavender is a color not considered by to many brides but is fast becoming a popular color for 2014.
3) Diy Burlap Fabric Planter – tutorial. For all events this is a good idea if your using burlap in your decorating. Any vessel can be wrapped in burlap and suddenly they all match….voila!



1. Evergreen gift tags… For a Christmas time wedding. Or try herbs for a wonderful aroma for a Spring/Summer time wedding.
2. Traditional design Lavender Wedding flower bouquet. Stunning. Lavender is starting to become the color to have for Spring brides. Such a lovely color. At Vintage Emporium we set up visual displays at your wedding using our props or yours. All our staff are visual display designers.
3. Orange flowers. and oranges for a Fall wedding. No need to restrict yourself to only using pumpkins for decor.


1. How to Paint Glass – What To Know.. Now you don’t have to worry about finding glass to suit your colors. Follow these instructions.
2. What a cute idea for a birthday party. A rainbow cloud. Easy to do as well!
3. Picture frame with chicken wire, add either table cards with seating arrangements on or do individual name cards. Use chicken wire instead of string.



1. Pretty springtime tablescape. So pretty, so simple to implement and just so adorable. Imagine adding a sprig of mint to this little ensemble for a rich scent.
2. How wonderful for a jewel colored event. It gives off such a warm feeling and by mixing up the colors it gives the eye lots of things to look at. Keep to all primary jeweled colors don’t mix in pastels to get this look.
3. Love old trophies ..use them in lots of ways. How about using them as table numbers at your wedding. Or to hold a bottle of wine. Or using a bunch of them on the grooms cake table if your having one. So many uses for these. Snatch them up when you can.


1. Romantic white flower display. What a nice thought to hand write a postcard and display it like this in the bathroom areas at your wedding. A nice “Thank you for enjoying this wonderful day with us and sharing in our memory’s” such a nice, simple and personal touch. The bathroom area is often forgotten about decor wise, but most people go there at some point.
2.Hang more driftwood and use this as a seating chart for a beach style wedding. This is a great idea to make ahead of time to use on a destination wedding. You can take it along with you and assemble on site. Most destination abroad weddings don’t offer much in the area of design visuals.
3.DIY Goody Bags :) great idea for a teenage girls birthday. Pick out a teen magazine and use the pages that are the most colorful. I have also used this in a Fasion store opening and we enclosed random gift certificates, fragrance samples and lipstick samples.


1. How nice to have something like this as a favor at your wedding. A cookie to go with a small “Thank you for enjoying the day with us” Or even add two cards, the one on top could be the guest seating information and below the thank you card.
2.Don’t Be afraid to use just white in your wedding visuals. It can look so sophisticated, clean and sharpe. Use candles in a stacked formation.
3. Message in a bottle….Write a small hand written note from the bride and groom and place it in a bottle then place candles in. What a lovely idea for the guest to read as they are sat at the table.


1. Lantern centerpiece. This will work for two things light and decoration. Try and implement things like this to keep your budget in order.
2. What a great idea for a wine themed wedding. A Recycled wine bottle full of cash as an unusual wedding gift.
3. simple…use of your collections. Paint your choice of color to the inside of your bottles and mix with clear ones. Either use them in small groups or tie them together with ribbon of twine.




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